Our Children

In this chaotic world where we cannot predict what will happen from one moment to the next we need to consider how do we teach our children to navigate through the chaos as they grow. If we are not pleased with what we see happening in the World we must identify what specifically we do not like about what we see and teach our children to behave in the opposite way. 

If we do not like the fear and animosity we see, we must teach our children to be calm and confident. Teach them that everyone has the right to feel and live the way they want as long as they are not hurting anyone else. Think deeply about that in every instance where people are judged. If everyone has that right, including us, there is nothing to fear or be angry about. Teach them how to deal with anger in a positive way. Do not lash out. Do not get angry.

If we do not like the racism we see, we must teach our children that we are all the same no matter how we may seem different; that those differences are a good thing. How boring would this World be if we are all the same? Children learn racism from adults; they are not even close to racist as children! Don't teach them. Even if you feel racist tendencies. Know that you learned those tendencies from an adult in your life before you had any of those feelings! Don't let your children see that!

We must teach our children to not accept behaviors we do not want to see. We must teach them to be Advocates for others when they see another being treated with the behavior we do not want to see. They need to know they should speak up in defense of those being treated unfairly; that if they don't speak up they are essentially saying it's okay! And that is not okay. But this does not mean they should treat anyone unkindly. Since none of us want to be treated unkindly; all of our interactions should be done in kindness. Everyone else was taught their behaviors by an adult in their life as well. We must demonstrate the behavior we want to see. If we lash out others will automatically defend themselves and lash back. It is very difficult to react in anger to kindness. People need to be retaught acceptable behavior. 

It all is based in 'Love". Love others; don't judge them. Love the World, Love Life; everything in the World is alive-people, flowers, trees, air, water, soil, EVERYTHING! We, as individuals, have no right to determine how anyone or anything exists in this World unless they are hurting someone or something else. Because we should realize that we are all connected and if someone or something is being hurt we are also being hurt. 

The only way we will eradicate unacceptable behavior is to stop accepting it and stop behaving that way ourselves! IT IS OUR BUSINESS! IT IS OUR WORLD! OUR CHILDREN"S WORLD!