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I came across a very wise statement the other day and it struck me quite deeply. That statement was "The American Dream is big enough for everyone." The reason it struck me so deeply was because it was so similar to a statement that was responsible for changing my entire demeanor from that of a negative way of looking at the world to a positive outlook.

Many, many years ago I began the practice of repeating a statement out loud every time I had a negative thought. I didn't just THINK my mantra, I said it out loud no matter where I was and who was around me. Whenever I had a negative thought of any kind I would say "There is enough in this world for everyone." My first week of this practice I'm sure people thought I had gone stark raving mad (a short trip!) because it seemed that was all I was saying! It certainly demonstrated to me just how MANY negative thoughts I was having! The second week my mantra-chanting was so much less! By the third week I didn't use my mantra even once! My whole life changed. I was speaking differently, people were speaking differently to me, positive things started happening to me EVERYDAY! I have recommended the practice to many since!

I have been in deep thought since the Election. I am disappointed to say the least. But because I learned a very long time ago that we must find the positive I think we can come up with a similar practice to offset the negativity and angst we have been experiencing for the last year and a half and may be faced with as we go forward. Let's each come up with our very own "Kindness Movement" that we can each begin within our own circles.

Make a plan to have our kids put together regular packages to give out to a Homeless person or needy Senior; plan to anonymously pay for someone's meal or groceries weekly; build a "Buddy-Bench" to place at the local school's recess area where a lonely kid can find a friend; start a "smiling campaign" and try to break your record every week for how many strangers you smiled at (this would be a great competition for the kids!). We're coming into the Holiday Season so gather the family to create your very own "Kindness Movement". 

I am sure things will turn around and we will become a much kinder society and maybe even world, if this takes off. Share this Blog with all your friends and family. Ask them to pass it on as well. If the 'Bucket Campaign' could go viral so can this! And you won't have to get wet!!