Evolution is hard.

I have been watching and listening closely to recent events and progress "post election". Half of us were delighted and remain so with the results of the recent Election. Half of us were in shock (and still may be) and are frightened for our future. What I see and have been expecting for some time now is a huge shift in our Human Evolution.

What in the world does she mean by that?!!!! 

I have been watching our World for the past 50 years. I have seen the growing International chaos starting in the '60's. I have learned through further study that any major change is always preceded by major chaos. Look back at any major changes you have seen in your own life and around you. Think deeply about whether or not there were some chaotic moments preceding that change. A relationship break-up. A change in career. A move in your home. I think you will find there is some sort of angst and trepidation before that change.

The change we are seeing right now is affecting the entire World. All of Humanity. I believe our election will cause a major shift World-wide in our own Human Evolution. We can clearly see the divides among us as Humans now that may have been hiding in the shadows before. We clearly hear the venom and hatred within so many. It has been loud.

But I believe there is so much more Kindness and Love lurking in the shadows as well; it is just not as loud as what we have been hearing.I believe it is time for that Kindness and Love to become a very loud Movement. We must squelch the Vitriol and make it unacceptable behavior. Not by fighting and trying to out-scream them but by just plain being kind. By being loving. By being accepting. By being helpful. By demonstrating this behavior at every turn. By teaching our children this behavior.

The next step in Human Evolution will not happen by next Tuesday. It could take 100 years! We will not see the fruit of our labor in our lifetime or possibly even our children's lifetime. But a Movement has to start somewhere. This is not an "instant gratification" type of challenge. But we must start it here. And we must teach our children to continue what we started. It will gain momentum and become the "norm" for Human Behavior. Humans will take the next step to an Evolved Society over the next Generation or two. When you teach your children let them be aware of how important it is for them to continue on. Believe it; be diligent; watch carefully for small indications that the Movement is on the right road. How exciting to know we are at the very beginning and an actual catalyst of this huge shift in our Evolution!