From January 9

We grew up in a time of social discourse and injustice much like we are seeing today but without the Internet (more discussion about todays' chaos in a future blog). People of other races were not good enough to drink from the same fountain or go to the same schools. People of different sexual orientations were to be scorned, laughed at and even physically harmed. There should be no unions of those with different skin color, ethnic background, religious beliefs, or sexual differences. How ‘unchristian-like’! Would God not preach the Golden Rule or at least something like it? Would God not teach something like ‘Live and let live?’


I promised in my Blog Post of January 9 that I would come back to discuss today’s chaos in the world. I’m not talking only about our current American political fiasco but humans hell-bent on murdering fellow humans because of religion, ethnicity, gender, or just saying the perceived wrong thing, children starving all over the world when there is more than enough food for all, water, atmosphere and land being contaminated and decimated beyond repair; humans just plain not caring about their fellow humans. I have come to believe that we (as the Human Race) are on the cusp of the next step in our Evolution. Call me crazy (you’re certainly not the first!) but if you research any major change it is always preceded by upheaval. And the level of upheaval we are experiencing is not only massive and all-encompassing but it all is rooted in the same topic: Love.

There are a huge number in our Human Race that have lost their way. They have forsaken caring, kindness and love for apathy, rudeness and hate. They have lost the ability to ‘live and let live’ and have replaced it with ‘do it my way or die’. They have decided that ‘Power Over’ is much more important than ‘Power Within’. I believe those that lack this discourse in their heart; those that have a Love for their fellow humans and this world we call our home will evolve to the next level of human existence. You might think “well we are doomed then! The darkness and hate is all we can see! I don’t see any Love out there!” I have another experience. Yes the darkness and hate is there loud and clear! “Loud and clear” is the key here. They are the loudest. But the Love is there in great numbers if you see with different eyes. The Love is there quietly doing its work every day. Look for it. See it. Make the choice to BE it. If you do then it will come to you every day; you will be surrounded by it. It’s your choice.