I have found a Publisher for my new book!

I am beginning a new adventure! With my Writing AND my Marketing background. I have befriended a wonderful local woman who just happens to be in the beginning stages of launching her own Publishing company: Buddha Frog Press. How fortuitous! She has written and had published over 40 books! She knows her stuff as far as publishing is concerned! When I met with her to talk about publishing my new book, Christina; a Life well-lived, she just happened to mention she might need a helping hand with Marketing. Enter Jill! I think she was just as thrilled as I am. I have been developing a comprehensive Marketing Strategy ever since!

'Christina' will be out within the next year along with another book she has written so expect to hear a lot more from Buddha Frog Press over the next year. There is a lesson here too. Never be afraid to pursue something you want! And keep your eyes and ears open to be aware of opportunities where you least expect them! I met Laurie Berry Clifford (the Publisher/Author) at my Sunday Jubilee gathering. She had written a book and was offering it for sale after Jubilee so I approached her asking for an introduction to her Publisher. "You're looking at her!" she remarked. 

Don't hesitate to approach people you do not know. We are all the same. We are all just people! If I had been intimidated (if you know me you know intimidation is not in my vocabulary!) by the fact that she was a Published Author I not only would have missed the opportunity to have my book published but I also would never have learned of this great fun opportunity to help her build a new company!

As long as you are respectful, kind with your words, and have a big smile on your face you can ask anybody anything! I don't care if you are the King of Jordan! You are just a person. Believe that EVERY PERSON ON THIS EARTH is going through their day with the same thoughts and concerns as anyone else (with situational adjustments). Heck! We all poop! You will realize EVERYONE is approachable. The worst they can say is 'no' and you won't be any worse off than you were before you asked. But, HOLY MACKEREL what if they say 'yes'! They might need some toilet paper if nothing else! GO FOR IT!